Special Offers

Dear Franchisor,

How about all financial data of each of your franchisees in one place with your full access? Whenever you want. As often as you ask. You can choose data you would like to compare or ask to keep up most important metrics for you – we do full-cycle accounting and analytics, you get simple reports with data you need for your business.

Growing a business is such an emotional process that needs to be balanced to the objective. We do ours with positivity but encourage clarity in the client’s business. Seeing things as they are. Numbers never lie. They also never judge. You need measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to know the truth about what’s really going on.

Your Franchisees gonna love you when you provide them with services that:

Keeping up their books so they could put that time into managing their business
Save your franchisees money — full-cycle services start from 500$/month!
Save time finding someone who can file taxes or do payroll when your franchisees grow — just add those tasks to our arrangement.
Contains an integrated CPA service and no cost support on tax-related questions and tax planning
Have simple and nice chatting with a personal adviser

Because of our 100+ employee team and still growing ) Let’s grow together!

You will love our service while as the Franchisor you get

Get real data

from your franchisees for reliable system-wide comparisons within a week of the end of each month, for all participating unit

Enable better cost and budget forecasting

data for future franchisees coming into the system

Spot problems faster

so you can provide support where it’s most needed

Be able to identify and share best practices

so you can increase system-wide profitability, which translates directly into franchisee satisfaction

The implementation is simple and can be rolled out as fast or as slow as you like